How to do Brainstorming Effectively

Brainstorming is a method to churn out ideas and then organize those inspired ideas of yours into a coherent whole that makes some sense to you.
Yet here’s a twist to the typical brainstorming technique that you’ve been taught or forced to swallow by your teachers, bosses, superiors or friends.

Introducing an Effective Brainstorming Technique
You’ll need a sufficiently thick rubber band that will cause enough pain when you stretch and release it upon your skin. If you are doing this by yourself, you need 1. If you are brainstorming with a team, you need enough rubber bands for everyone – 1 per person. This rubber band will be your chastisement device – it is a form of punishment that either you or your team members will inflict upon you if you commit the 1 grave sin of brainstorming – criticizing any idea that is being put forward on the table!

If you are brainstorming in a team, you need an individual who is either a neutral party to the matter being discussed or at least someone on the team who is wise and intelligent enough to know that all ideas are accepted in the initial stages of brainstorming, even the most absurd ones. He, she or it will be the Facilitator, the Judge and Executioner, the Vigilante who will strike out swiftly and mercilessly against those who voice any kind of protest or judgment against any idea being put forward – no matter how seemingly stupid it may seem at the moment (talk about irony). If you are brainstorming by yourself, you just need to be conscientious and impartial in meting out judgment against yourself.

You’ll also need an idea capturing device of sufficient capacity to physically contain and organize the mass (and mess) of ideas that will be poured out of the brain(s) of the participant(s). This could be a big whiteboard that you would put flat on the floor or table for your team’s common use, or a huge piece of drawing paper. Of course, a pen (or a bundle of them) would logically accompany the whiteboard or drawing paper.

Next in your arsenal is a sufficient pack of index cards. These cards are to be evenly distributed to every member of your brainstorming team if it’s a team effort.

The next step is really up to you or your team – you have a choice – either a bottom-up or a top-down approach:

Bottom-up means that you or your team will pour out random thoughts, details, ideas and notions onto the index cards (1 idea per card) after which you will group, categorize and organize them.

Top-down means you or your team will first think of the relevant categories, groupings, questions, attributes or taxonomies related to what you are brainstorming for or about, after which you’ll pour out your ideas, thoughts, notions and details onto the index cards (1 idea per card) for all, some or none of the different categories or groupings, either randomly or in an orderly manner.

You have to test which approach works best for you or your team. It may even be that you adopt 1 approach for the 1st round and then the other for the 2nd round would be the best way to go to produce the best ideas.

List Of Best Private Schools In Singapore You Need To Know

The education system in Singapore stands out one among the best education systems in the world and is widely recognized in the world. Particularly private schools in Singapore are widely considered to have the best standards in terms of education quality in and outside Singapore. Unfortunately, most parents and even students are unsure as to which schools they need to choose to receive the best education taking economic and financial factors into consideration. FamilyTutor, a leading home tuition agency in Singapore would like to give suggestions on which private school you should consider for the best education for your child.

United World College of South East Asia

The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in an international school opened in Singapore in 1971. The courses offered by the school are the IGCSE and IB Diploma. Students between the ages of 4 to 19 are accepted in the school. The school encourages students to have a positive approach towards learning, improve confidence level and promote collaborative classroom behaviour with an emphasis on the English language. While accepting eligible applicants, the school focuses on personality, experience, interests, involvement in classroom activities, community life and similar qualities. The student is also required to take an eligibility examination or an interview. During the academic year 2019/ 2020, the fees for the first year range from S$39000 to S$47000 depending on the grade they were studying.The UWCSEA is known not only for excellent education standards but also for pushing external life and activities outside the classroom.

St. Joseph Institution International

St. Joseph Institution International high school was opened in 2007 followed by the opening of the elementary school in 2008. The courses offered by the school are O Level, Integrated Program and the IB Diploma. For the O Level and IP, students are admitted based on their PSLE score or through direct admissions. The IP programme also allows Secondary 2 students to apply via DSA to get admitted into Secondary 3. This can also be done through an entrance test. Students can also apply for IB programmes through O Level score or DSA. For the O Level, the monthly fees are S$340, S$720, S$1150 and S$1520 depending on whether the students are Singaporean citizens, permanent residents, international ASEAN students or non-ASEAN students respectively.

Overseas Family School

The Overseas Family School (OFS) was established in 1991 and follows the IGCSE and IB course curriculum. OFS does not have any entrance examination for aspiring students to enrol and moreover, admissions are accepted at any time in the year. The annual fee for OFS range from S$15000 to S$20500 depending on the grade the student is enrolling for. The grades accepted in the school are between grade K1 to grade 12. There is also a non refundable fee of S$2000 for admission regardless of the grade. The school offers world-class education and a rigorous academic program. The school is also well known for its diverse culture.

The choosing the right school for your child establishes a strong foundation for the career path for your child. So, it is very important to thoroughly explore the type of school you want your child to get admitted. We hope that this article gave you an understanding on how the programs and admission in the best school take place.

Upgrading the House in 2020

Are you looking for some simple tips for upgrading your house in the year 2020? We all have ample of time in 2020 to update and renovate our houses. We all are staying at houses due to the lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has taken away the freedom of movement, but it has bestowed us with the blessing of staying with the family, and our sweet home. You can spend time constructively at home, and bring good decor changes. The following are some of the changes that we recommend to you:

Paint Your House Walls
Paint is an economical way of upgrading your house. It does not cost you a lot and gives the house an entirely different look. You can choose between cool and warm colors. There are neutral paint colors and white paint colors that blend well. You can paint different rooms with different shades of neutral and white colors. Then you can decorate the rooms and the rest of the house with souvenirs or funny gifts that you bought. We promise your house will look regal.

Order Some Architectural Pieces
Adding architectural pieces to your house will increase the overall look of your house. You can add chandeliers to the dining hall, bathroom, and main hallway. You can also add molding above the windows to enhance their appeal. Windows look enlarged when molding is added above them. Turning old windows into a bar and keeping small showpieces are cool upgrading ideas.

Paint the Concrete
Even if you are not a painter, painting the concrete will bring the inner artist out of you. You can learn online and start painting all the broken concrete patios or other passages in your house. This will not take much time and money. You can paint it classically or draw some funny images. You will enjoy a lot in this particular home decor project.

Make a Wooden Box for Your Plants
Why should you pay for the expensive and premium-quality plant boxes? You can make them at home with little effort and time. You can find various home improvement wooden planter boxes tutorials. They efficiently teach you how to make handy plant boxes. You can also write your and your spouse’s name on it. For this project, you will only require a readymade wooden planter box (you can make one too), white paint, caulk, glue, curtain finials, and a letter’s monogram.

Renovate Your Garden and Front Yard
You should trim down your garden, and clean it properly. Once it is all clean, you must spray paint fences and fountains. You can build a patio in the garden by learning online. It is easier to build a patio than you think. You can make a wooden or stone patio. After constructing the patio, you can use old chairs or order new ones. Keep them on the patio and enjoy the afternoon coffee, and have your breakfasts and lunches on the patio.

These small renovations will bring a big change to your house’s decor. Architectural details are the most underrated upgrading tip. You should emphasize architectural details. We assure you that it will produce good results.