Top Questions to Ask Your Local Movers

Do you have a local move coming up?
Most people don’t really consider hiring local movers or Moving Service Singapore has to offer. However, even if you will just relocate within the same town or city, there are actually many reasons for you to hire the help of the experts. The secret here is to find an experienced and reliable local mover that can get the job done right. But with all the different local moving companies to choose from, how will you determine the most trustworthy one?

Below are some important questions you shouldn’t forget asking before you sign a contract with a local mover:

1. How long has your company been in business?
Just because the company has been around for many years don’t already mean that you will be getting top of the line customer service.
Meanwhile, just because the company is new doesn’t mean that the local mover is incapable or inexperienced.

Whatever it is, it is important to determine the length of time that the local mover has been in business. Never rely on what is stated on the company’s website. You might want to check several review sites to have a good idea about the reputation of the company online.

2. Is your business insured and licensed?
This is one of first most important questions you should be asking potential local movers. You should work only with a fully insured and professionally licensed moving company. You might also want to inquire about relevant memberships and affiliations. See to it that they also follow all the guidelines for good practices for local moves.

You also need to get the name of the insurance company they work with together with the policy number of the company. You must verify that they have valid and current coverage before you decide to hire them.

3. How about the company’s liability coverage?
While the company might already be insured, it doesn’t automatically mean that it already gives you 100% coverage. Your contract will most likely include the basic coverage for liability. It is often based on fixed price for every item or weight of the item. However, most of the time, it doesn’t allow for punitive damage claims.

The local mover must be able to give you complete coverage for an extra fee. It means that the local movers will be responsible for damaged or lost items. You can also opt to get additional insurance for the move from a third party.

4. Who will handle the move?
Is the company’s team made up of professional and experienced movers?
There are companies that work with subcontractors who will handle all the heavy lifting. If it is the case, you must ask for references and look into the subcontractors’ backgrounds. There are also instances when moving companies hire college students or temporary workers. Such movers might not have the necessary experience and might even injure themselves or damage your stuff during the process.

It is always a great idea to hire a company with a permanent team of experienced and professional local movers.