List Of Best Private Schools In Singapore You Need To Know

The education system in Singapore stands out one among the best education systems in the world and is widely recognized in the world. Particularly private schools in Singapore are widely considered to have the best standards in terms of education quality in and outside Singapore. Unfortunately, most parents and even students are unsure as to which schools they need to choose to receive the best education taking economic and financial factors into consideration. FamilyTutor, a leading home tuition agency in Singapore would like to give suggestions on which private school you should consider for the best education for your child.

United World College of South East Asia

The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in an international school opened in Singapore in 1971. The courses offered by the school are the IGCSE and IB Diploma. Students between the ages of 4 to 19 are accepted in the school. The school encourages students to have a positive approach towards learning, improve confidence level and promote collaborative classroom behaviour with an emphasis on the English language. While accepting eligible applicants, the school focuses on personality, experience, interests, involvement in classroom activities, community life and similar qualities. The student is also required to take an eligibility examination or an interview. During the academic year 2019/ 2020, the fees for the first year range from S$39000 to S$47000 depending on the grade they were studying.The UWCSEA is known not only for excellent education standards but also for pushing external life and activities outside the classroom.

St. Joseph Institution International

St. Joseph Institution International high school was opened in 2007 followed by the opening of the elementary school in 2008. The courses offered by the school are O Level, Integrated Program and the IB Diploma. For the O Level and IP, students are admitted based on their PSLE score or through direct admissions. The IP programme also allows Secondary 2 students to apply via DSA to get admitted into Secondary 3. This can also be done through an entrance test. Students can also apply for IB programmes through O Level score or DSA. For the O Level, the monthly fees are S$340, S$720, S$1150 and S$1520 depending on whether the students are Singaporean citizens, permanent residents, international ASEAN students or non-ASEAN students respectively.

Overseas Family School

The Overseas Family School (OFS) was established in 1991 and follows the IGCSE and IB course curriculum. OFS does not have any entrance examination for aspiring students to enrol and moreover, admissions are accepted at any time in the year. The annual fee for OFS range from S$15000 to S$20500 depending on the grade the student is enrolling for. The grades accepted in the school are between grade K1 to grade 12. There is also a non refundable fee of S$2000 for admission regardless of the grade. The school offers world-class education and a rigorous academic program. The school is also well known for its diverse culture.

The choosing the right school for your child establishes a strong foundation for the career path for your child. So, it is very important to thoroughly explore the type of school you want your child to get admitted. We hope that this article gave you an understanding on how the programs and admission in the best school take place.

Upgrading the House in 2020

Are you looking for some simple tips for upgrading your house in the year 2020? We all have ample of time in 2020 to update and renovate our houses. We all are staying at houses due to the lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has taken away the freedom of movement, but it has bestowed us with the blessing of staying with the family, and our sweet home. You can spend time constructively at home, and bring good decor changes. The following are some of the changes that we recommend to you:

Paint Your House Walls
Paint is an economical way of upgrading your house. It does not cost you a lot and gives the house an entirely different look. You can choose between cool and warm colors. There are neutral paint colors and white paint colors that blend well. You can paint different rooms with different shades of neutral and white colors. Then you can decorate the rooms and the rest of the house with souvenirs or funny gifts that you bought. We promise your house will look regal.

Order Some Architectural Pieces
Adding architectural pieces to your house will increase the overall look of your house. You can add chandeliers to the dining hall, bathroom, and main hallway. You can also add molding above the windows to enhance their appeal. Windows look enlarged when molding is added above them. Turning old windows into a bar and keeping small showpieces are cool upgrading ideas.

Paint the Concrete
Even if you are not a painter, painting the concrete will bring the inner artist out of you. You can learn online and start painting all the broken concrete patios or other passages in your house. This will not take much time and money. You can paint it classically or draw some funny images. You will enjoy a lot in this particular home decor project.

Make a Wooden Box for Your Plants
Why should you pay for the expensive and premium-quality plant boxes? You can make them at home with little effort and time. You can find various home improvement wooden planter boxes tutorials. They efficiently teach you how to make handy plant boxes. You can also write your and your spouse’s name on it. For this project, you will only require a readymade wooden planter box (you can make one too), white paint, caulk, glue, curtain finials, and a letter’s monogram.

Renovate Your Garden and Front Yard
You should trim down your garden, and clean it properly. Once it is all clean, you must spray paint fences and fountains. You can build a patio in the garden by learning online. It is easier to build a patio than you think. You can make a wooden or stone patio. After constructing the patio, you can use old chairs or order new ones. Keep them on the patio and enjoy the afternoon coffee, and have your breakfasts and lunches on the patio.

These small renovations will bring a big change to your house’s decor. Architectural details are the most underrated upgrading tip. You should emphasize architectural details. We assure you that it will produce good results.

Types of Occasions to Present Gifts

People present gifts for a variety of reasons. These include commemorating a special occasion, showing gratitude, and building strong relationships with customers, clients and employees. There are many types of gifts that you can present to other people, loved ones and employees. Specific types of gifts are presented according to the occasion that is being held. Here we’ll show some types of gifts to present during specific types of occasions.

Festive Gifts
Many people or companies might present gifts because of an ongoing celebration or an important annual event. These gifts are given to celebrate such an occasion and show that the company or person cares about what’s happening. This can include the retirement of an employee, an important client, a family member or even a loved one. An example could be a gift related to festive seasons like Christmas.

Birthday Gifts
Whether it is an employee, a very important client or even a loved one, a meaningful gift centered about celebrating someone’s birthday is very nice. It shows that the individual or company cares about such a person, and wishes them the best in what might be the most important day of the year for them. An example could be a birthday cake, care packs or whatever gift the individual or company might consider appropriate.

New Employee Corporate Gifts
When a company acquires a new employee, they need to show their new employee how happy they are about it, and that they care about him or her. This might be done to boost the morale of new employees when they are beginning, and motivate them to put in extra effort in their work. An example could be a mug with the logo of the company’s brand.

Milestone Employee Corporate Gifts
When hard-working employees hit a milestone, presenting a corporate gift to him or her shows how much a company cares for their employees who put in a lot of effort in their work. It can be based upon how many years an employee has worked for the brand, and how much they have done for it. An example can be an expensive watch as such an occasion deserves something good to boost the morale of the employee.

Reward Corporate Gifts
When someone becomes the employee of the month or has the highest productivity of the year, then a corporate gift should be given to him or her. It is given to congratulate the employee’s achievements and boost his or her morale. An example might be a “best employee” mug. The exact price of the gift can depend on the accomplishment of the employee.

Customer Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts can be given to customers for being loyal to a brand. It can be something like a pen or something more expensive, depending on the years of loyalty the customer has shown, and the budget the company is willing to allocate.

Marketing Corporate Gifts
These gifts are given to customers and others with the main purpose of marketing the products or services of a company. These gifts might display the logo of a brand prominently, to improve the brand name. An example can be a hat with the logo of a brand.

Business-Partner Corporate Gifts
These corporate gifts are given to business partners who are loyal, and have provided tremendous help to a company. These corporate gifts generally are of high-quality and do not come cheap. An example can be a fine piece of branded pen.

Setting Time Bound Goals to Achieve Anything from Buying an Abaya Dress to Success

Before you start your goal setting process, it’s always good to write down a list of things you want to achieve. This can be something as simple as completing a task, to saving enough money to buy an abaya dress, or even something more complicated like setting up a successful business. After you have written the things to achieve, do not discard the list as it is going to be useful when setting your goals.

Setting Time Bound Goals
When setting goals with regard to optimising time at the same time, it is crucial that your goals are time bound. You will be asking yourself, “What in the world does he mean by time bound goals?” Simply put, time bound goals are goals that you must achieve within a certain period of time. It may be as simple as a goal like completing your morning shower today within 5 minutes. Or something slightly complicated like saving up enough money to buy the eid stylish abaya dress from an online store like HijabDressUp, for a special occasion. Or even something more complicated like generating one thousand dollars worth of income from your online business by the end of the month.

A simple yet effective way of setting goals is to ask yourself some basic questions and think carefully about a few things. First you can ask yourself about the type of task that you want to achieve. Next, consider how much of the task you want to achieve within a certain period of time. This can be as short as one hour or one day, to something longer like a few months to even a year. Subsequently, ask yourself about how much time do you need to achieve the task. Finally, think about why you want to achieve the task so badly.

Please take note that you must apply the above goal setting technique with regard to each of the items stated in the list you have prepared earlier. Take a little time to ponder each question and thought carefully. Then answer each thought or question truthfully and there you have it, your very own time bound goal.

You can use this technique to set goals for the day, the week, the month and even the year. Rest assured you that you will be taking the first few steps to optimising your time when you set your time bound goals.

Plan Your Time Bound Goals
Planning your time bound goals isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It basically involves laying the outline or methods you need to take to accomplish your goals.

When planning, do take note of the following:

  • Pay close attention to your goal and the time you need to take to achieve it.
  • List down the methods you need to take to achieve it.
  • Look through the methods thoroughly and refine it.

Please be warned that you should not bypass this step. It may sound redundant to you at first, but I guarantee that you will better manage your time when you actually plan for the task you want to achieve.

Suitable Food to Eat After Korean Cosmetic Surgery

After undergoing cosmetic surgery such as thread lift Korea surgery at a renowned Korean cosmetic surgery company such as Eng Banobagi, your body will need to recover. Apart from getting sufficient rest and following your doctor’s instructions, another aspect that can expedite your recovery process is the food you consume. If you consume the suitable types of food, you can reduce the risks of complications, difficulty in moving your bowels, and spikes in your blood sugar. In addition, the right kinds of food will help to provide suitable proteins and nutrients to aid in your skin, and ultimately body’s recovery.

Organic and Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
The daily dietary recommendation for adults is at least two servings of vegetables and fruits each. Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fibre, and they help to build up the immune system. This is especially important for someone who is recovering from Korean cosmetic surgery. Where possible, opt for organic and fresh vegetables and fruits, such as fresh bok choys, broccoli, kiwi, apples and oranges, instead of canned and processed ones like canned peas and broccoli. The downside of consuming too much vegetables and fruits is bloating though. This can be irritating and embarrassing in the beginning, but after a day or two, this effect should subside.

Pile Up on the Fibre
Fibre is one of the most essential diet components of someone who is recuperating from a post surgery procedure. Many post surgery patients suffer from constipation, and consuming sufficient amounts of fibre can help to alleviate this issue. Since fibre is not digested by the body, it can aid in bowel movements and remove unwanted waste from the body. On top of that, foods that are rich in fibre are generally better for the body than those that are low or do not contain much fibre.

Some common foods that are high in fibre include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fruits are not only a great source of fibre, they provide many types of vitamins as well. One of the key vitamins is vitamin C, which helps to build up the immune system to fight diseases and bacteria. Vitamin C can be found in most fruits, but kiwi and oranges are some of the best sources. Vegetables, especially green and cruciferous ones like broccoli, bok choy and cauliflower, contain some of the highest amounts of fibre. In addition, vegetables also provide many different kinds of nutrients and minerals that are essential for the body’s recuperation. And notwithstanding, whole grains that are packed with fibre include oatmeal, corn and whole grain bread. Whole grain bread is less refined and processed as compared to normal white bread, and definitely packs loads of nutrients and fibre.

Eating the right kind of food is essential in your path to recovery after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Remember to consume lots of vegetables, fruits, and foods that are loaded with fibre. With the proper diet, adequate rest and proper care, there is no doubt that you can be on your way to a seamless and quick recovery.

Why Going Abroad Is Healthy for you

We are constantly dealt with numerous trials and tribulations during the course of our lives. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, things start to move much faster, and many of us are faced with stress, and have difficulty keeping up. The huge piles of work that we accumulate day in and day out does not help either. On top of that, we are faced with a whole set of different problems and issues at home with our loved ones. To top it off, our daily expenditures for things such as electricity and water bills, groceries, basic necessities, and more, never seem to end.

As a result of the issues highlighted above, more and more people are facing health problems every single day. These include hypertension, heart problems, mental issues, and more. Many of them are unable to deal with the pressures and demands of their work and personal problems, and this causes their health to deteriorate even worse.

Hence, it is very important that you take a step back from your hectic and stressful lifestyle, and consider going abroad for a holiday every now and then. You will be able to detach yourself from your work and problems, take it easy, let your hair down, and most importantly, take a long overdue break.

Once you are overseas, tour the city and towns with renewed energy, as you catch the flora, fauna, historical places, famous landmarks, and all the sights and sounds that the city has in store for you. What’s more, if the city you are in is near natural environments such as forests, mountains, oceans, seas, rivers and caves, then make it a point to visit these locations as well. Improve your cardio, and blood circulation, and burn calories naturally as you walk around these natural environments, while breathing in the invigorating air.

You can top off your trip abroad by indulging in the local dishes and meals. Many dishes that are prepared abroad in native cities and towns are usually made from organic, wholesome and natural ingredients. These kinds of dishes will help to improve your diet and reduce the risk of further health problems. In fact, these cuisines are unlike meals that you consume at home, which are usually packed with high sodium and artificial flavours and preservatives.

But what if you are conscious Muslim traveller, and are quite particular about ensuring that there are Halal options in the city you are going to travel to? You’ll probably be wondering to yourself if there are Muslim friendly eateries or halal restaurants near me. How then can you be sure that you can enjoy a relaxed and fun trip abroad without compromising your faith? Well then, here is where online Halal guides come in. Many of them such as HalalGo will have specially curated content for Muslim conscious travellers like yourself. You should be able to find out about all the Halal places to dine in, Muslim friendly accommodations to stay at such as the best halal hotel London is renowned for, and appropriate activities to carry out.

Ways Question Can Help you Achieve What you Want In Life

You probably have a lot of dreams and aspirations in life, but have no clue how to achieve them. At the same time, you don’t want to be paralysed by excessive analysis or philosophising, do you? As such , let’s look at the following questions that might give you even deeper insight behind what it is that you want.

When you were small, what was the first thing that you’ve dreamt of doing or becoming? How have these ambitions of yours changed over the course of time? Why do they change? Would you still be able to live them now if you would just give your all into it?

What are some of the things which you think you have to accomplish before you can really feel that you’ve done something important in your life? What are the goals that you have to meet before you can really feel complete? What is missing and what must you do to reclaim what you feel is missing in your life story?

What do you enjoy doing most right now? What are the hobbies, activities and work which you find pleasure in doing currently? What are the things which find you the most satisfaction, concentration and delight when you’re doing them?

What were the skills which you had acquired over a relatively short period of time? What have you learnt quickly and easily? What are you good at? What are the things which you know you are good at and which other people tell you that you are good at?

Are you a giver or a receiver? Throughout your life, whenever you have a strong desire or intention for something, have your desires always been for the benefit of others or just for your own personal gain?

Now that you have been armed with the powerful questions that will get you thinking about your goals, address each and every one of them comprehensively, one by one. Try and answer each question on paper (or in your journal) thoroughly and articulately. Explore the deeper levels behind every answer you generate. If a question leads to another deeper question, by all means pursue it, but only to a point where you are most comfortable pursuing it. Feel free also to not answer some of the questions if you think they are not relevant or appropriate to what you are doing now.

If your simple desire is to buy a new shirt, by all means, go ahead and buy it, you don’t even need this questions system to do so. Unless, of course, it is your intention to design, create and manufacture a revolutionary line of clothing that will not only help to preserve the environment and maintain ecological balance, but redefine the entire fashion industry as well. Then you really need this questions system. Just an example.