Types of Occasions to Present Gifts

People present gifts for a variety of reasons. These include commemorating a special occasion, showing gratitude, and building strong relationships with customers, clients and employees. There are many types of gifts that you can present to other people, loved ones and employees. Specific types of gifts are presented according to the occasion that is being held. Here we’ll show some types of gifts to present during specific types of occasions.

Festive Gifts
Many people or companies might present gifts because of an ongoing celebration or an important annual event. These gifts are given to celebrate such an occasion and show that the company or person cares about what’s happening. This can include the retirement of an employee, an important client, a family member or even a loved one. An example could be a gift related to festive seasons like Christmas.

Birthday Gifts
Whether it is an employee, a very important client or even a loved one, a meaningful gift centered about celebrating someone’s birthday is very nice. It shows that the individual or company cares about such a person, and wishes them the best in what might be the most important day of the year for them. An example could be a birthday cake, care packs or whatever gift the individual or company might consider appropriate.

New Employee Corporate Gifts
When a company acquires a new employee, they need to show their new employee how happy they are about it, and that they care about him or her. This might be done to boost the morale of new employees when they are beginning, and motivate them to put in extra effort in their work. An example could be a mug with the logo of the company’s brand.

Milestone Employee Corporate Gifts
When hard-working employees hit a milestone, presenting a corporate gift to him or her shows how much a company cares for their employees who put in a lot of effort in their work. It can be based upon how many years an employee has worked for the brand, and how much they have done for it. An example can be an expensive watch as such an occasion deserves something good to boost the morale of the employee.

Reward Corporate Gifts
When someone becomes the employee of the month or has the highest productivity of the year, then a corporate gift should be given to him or her. It is given to congratulate the employee’s achievements and boost his or her morale. An example might be a “best employee” mug. The exact price of the gift can depend on the accomplishment of the employee.

Customer Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts can be given to customers for being loyal to a brand. It can be something like a pen or something more expensive, depending on the years of loyalty the customer has shown, and the budget the company is willing to allocate.

Marketing Corporate Gifts
These gifts are given to customers and others with the main purpose of marketing the products or services of a company. These gifts might display the logo of a brand prominently, to improve the brand name. An example can be a hat with the logo of a brand.

Business-Partner Corporate Gifts
These corporate gifts are given to business partners who are loyal, and have provided tremendous help to a company. These corporate gifts generally are of high-quality and do not come cheap. An example can be a fine piece of branded pen.